Mini Space Rogue Demo

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A project I started for a Rogue-like game competition, at the end of 2005, giving up a month later despite being somewhere in the middle with the progress. A typical case of being burned out. The biggest problem was my lack of will to balance the gameplay, which is completely off in this demo. The game becomes a stroll through the park after the first level (the demo features 3 levels).

Anyway, Mini Space Rogue supposed to be a rogue-like game in SF world, with few interesting twist (fighting with left or right hand). Iím quite proud on the look of the game, though not being something fancy it is very balanced and effective. The interface is also something Iím quite happy with.

Itís a project I like looking back at to, but fail to find the incentive will to wrap it up.

The demo provides a full hour of play time. A quite a lot of area to explore, but no real challenge.

Download the demo here: (424 KB)