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> FreeBASIC Games (Windows 32-bit) <
Barren (16.6 MB)2008
Invatris (434 KB)2007
Mighty Line (3472 KB)2007
Classic Art Slider Puzzle (Demo) (3506 KB)2006
Star Cage (2705 KB)2006
Relax (pre-Alpha Demo) (457 KB)2006
Vector X 2006 (2762 KB)2006
Another World Memory FB (709 KB)2006
Mini Space Rogue Demo (424 KB)2006
Poxie (2200 KB)2005
> FreeBASIC Programming (Windows 32-bit) <
PolyDraw ver.1.01 (115 KB)2010
Screen by screen scrolling engine v.0.4.2 (280 KB)2008
Custom Font Printing Routines (335 KB)2006
REL's Pixel by Pixel Scrolling Engine (Edition #3) (198 KB)2008
> QuickBASIC Games (MS-DOS) <
Evil Baron Lachie (Demo) (102 KB)2005
Detective Academy (158 KB)2004
The Man Who Had A Boat (90 KB)2003
Ball Blazing Fantasy (486 KB)2003
Rocket Fuel Mayhem (301 KB)2003
Another World Memory (93 KB)2003
Pong Worz (100 KB)2003
Run 'Em Over (76 KB)2002
Dark Quest (260 KB)2002
Ritual Combat (Demo) (77 KB)2002
QB4Pack VariousUnavailable2000
A note: A great deal of games was released under my KENTUARI label which is now abandoned. Also, many readme files and games contain dead links of my old sites, or links to sites which are not updated anymore. Just ignore this outdated information.