For now this page only lists few tutorials I wrote. I also wrote bunch of reviews and game design related articles, but I want to revise all of them first and convert them to some new format, more suitable for this site.
How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC - Lesson #1
A beginner-level tutorial on how to start programming games in FreeBASIC using its built-in library - GFXlib 2. Plain text-file and HTML version of the tutorial are included.

The tutorial is written in a conversational manner. Some people don't like that style, but I learned most from exactly such type of tutorials.

This is an updated version of the tutorial from August 2011.
Download: (1664 KB)
How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC - Lesson #2
The second lesson of the previously listed tutorial. It completes the example game from the first tutorial, but also contains bunch of downloads, from Custom Font Routines to GL2D. It was rewritten in September 2011.
Download #1: (4679 KB)
Chain-like Animation Tutorial
A tutorial on how to create a chain-like animation in FreeBASIC. Written in a similar manner as the previously listed tutorials. The package includes a text-file and HTML version of the tutorial.

The tutorial is far from perfect, but perhaps it can inspire someone interested in this topic. The code in the tutorial is most suitable for creating a game with snakes consisted of [insert number] of blobs.
Download: (111 KB)
Angles in 2D environment and artificial smarts based on them
A tutorial on calculating angles between two or more objects in 2D environment, and creating artificial smarts based on this (for 360 degrees rotating, top-down games). Includes two "game-like" examples. Compatible with FB ver.0.18b.
Download: (369 KB)
Angles in 2D environment and artificial smarts based on them - Part II
A tutorial that continues on the previous edition and completes the game-like example program. Includes multiple artificial smarts, scrolling, projectiles, simple object rotation and more.
Download: (217 KB)
So Biff wants to have a high score table in his game
A beginner-level tutorial that explains how to create a high score feature in your FreeBASIC game project (loading/saving high scores) using external plain text files. Includes two example programs.
Download: (151 KB)
A beginner's guide to FMOD
Like the title says, this is a beginner's guide to using FMOD in FreeBASIC programs. It covers most of the methods and subroutines I use in my games when dealing with FMOD and points you to expand your knowledge beyond this tutorial.
Download: (489 KB)