Welcome to Lachie Dazdarian's personal website. This site contains a great deal of his creative work, which are mostly computer games.

My real name is Dean Janjic, and since I plastered it together with Lachie Dazdarian on ever freaking place I've been, no sense in hiding it.

I was born in WŲrgl in Austria, on one hot summer night of 1982. I was raised and schooled in Croatia. In 2006 I graduated on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb and acquired a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. And that would be it for now. We should keep this on "need-to-know" basis. I hate not being anonymous.

As long as I remember I felt a strong need to deal with some creative work, weather that was making board games, composing music, drawing, writing fiction or designing games. All the things I pursued didn't make me very confident in my abilities or in possible presence of a talent, but this need to create seems to be stronger that the disappointment in my abilities. Anyway, I'll keep trying.

My main hobby is game design and you can find almost all the stuff I programmed on this website. Iím devoted to retro-style 2D games and the spirit they carry. I plan to continue pursuing this hobby as long as there are people ready to play the type of games I make. I donít have an ambition to become a professional in this line of work and develop commercial products (in any possible sense). Free stuff only, and only for the pleasure of seeing people enjoy playing them.