Invatris ver.0.9

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This was my entry for yet another ciw1973's competition at the forum. The goal of the compo was to create a game using the resource files (graphics and sound) from the original Space Invaders game.

Download the game here: (434 KB)

My attempt was to create a game combining Super Tetris and space action gameplay, but due the limited amount of time and lack of inspiration I ended up only on Super Tetris gameplay and an extra classic Tetris game mode.

Basically, it's a game about invading space ships by filling them up with dropping space squids shaped as Tetris pieces. The gameplay is very similar to Super Tetris. Beside the back-story and some design innovations (like the irregular playfield) little new things are present.

The game ended up on the fourth place in the competition despite my opinion that I should have been rated even less. It's simply a boring and uninspired game I don't hold much to, which is the reason I'll never complete it properly.

I might release a Tetris game engine based on this project.