Screen by screen scrolling engine ver.0.4.2

This is a screen by screen scrolling engine with a map editor. It supposed to allow you to design Zelda-style screen by screen scrolling games in any FBGFX available resolution and with any acceptable tile sizes. The engine is currently in development, but this version is fully functional.

The latest version features include:

  • a map editor (which allows you to edit multiple layers, place portals, etc.)
  • script driven engine and map editor (customize screen size, tile size, tileset file, etc.)
  • 4 layers (base, foreground, collision, overlay)
  • two types of collision (tile-based (base layer), and pixel perfect (collision layer))
  • an example with 3 locations to walk around

Planned features:

  • improved map editor
  • sliding off tiles layer
  • time-based movement

Download the engine here: (280 KB)