Ritual Combat Alpha ver.0.31

This is a demo of a silly project (from today's point of view) which preceded Dark Quest, and I was very ambitious with it. The project was abandoned in April 2002. I still consider the game concept very potential, but today I'm aware of the needed pixel-art skill for this project to be completed satisfactory; it's a highly demanding work mostly related to warrior sprites (multi-frame attack, run, jump, attack and jump animations).

Anyway, Ritual Combat is a single screen battle game, where two warrior fight each other until 3 victories. This demo features 4 warriors and each warrior features his own characteristics and special ability. The demo features very poor and sloppy code (that stupid randomization-based collision), lackluster two-frame animation, and clumsy gameplay. It all looks very messy and novice, but the project has a sentimental value. One of the reasons why I'm putting it here is to remind myself that one day I should take a crack at remaking it.

Download the game here: ritco.zip (77 KB)