Rocket Fuel Mayhem ver.1.2

Rocket Fuel Mayhem is a single screen, spaceship battle game with gravity. Teams, consisted of same number of spaceships, fight each other using ships’ main weapons and special abilities until complete destruction of one team.

Rocket Fuel Mayhem (RFM) was very much made in the style of Star Control melee.

Download the game here: (301 KB)

Game features:

  • 8 different ships, each with unique characteristics, weapon and special ability
  • animated pilots featuring each ship model
  • 6 different arenas, some without gravity
  • tournament and extra game modes
  • AI and two human players support
  • two secret arenas and one secret ship appearing in the tournament
  • large game database with info about the universe, races, ships, arenas, ...over 26 sections with illustrations
  • cool end tournament animation
  • MIDI background music (non-original tracks)


Author's note (Dec. 2006):
This is yet another game I wasn't competed to work on. I was originally inspired by a screenshot of some mini-game (never downloaded it), where simple triangle-shaped ships fought in single screen arenas (I assume they were single screen). The fundamental idea was to take this concept and highly advance it, adding many options, different ships, special powers, etc. Sadly, RFM confirms that good old saying: "More is not better." The game mostly suffers from the fact it's a SINGLE SCREEN battle game which, with the sizes of the ships and the gravity effect, make it play like, how one person described it, two rabid monkeys in a cage. The original idea was to implement a zooming effect like in Star Control, but that was way out of my league. I should have given up then, but in my usual manner I continued. The sheer volume of the various content in the game obviously made most who played it to keep trying until getting a hang of the game, and it is possible to get a hang of this game and relatively enjoy it (well, read the reviews). But outsiders, meaning people who are not interested in QBasic games or anything that resembles to Star Control, will most likely give up on the game in frustration only after few minutes. As with all the games preceding RFM and including Ball Blazing Fantasy, I dislike the below average design, low frame rate, unskillfully done graphics (I mostly improvised), and so on. I like few things I done in the game, like the huge database and several cockpits, but overall, I don't hold much to this game. A lot of effort was put into it, but RFM simply doesn't play well. QBMIDI powered music is another reason why I don't like thinking about RFM.