Run 'Em Over

Run 'Em Over is a mini, top-down view, car driving game. The player is a small dude on the map who controls a car with a remote controller. The objective is to stop hordes of bad people who are invading from the opposite part of the map to reach the player by running them over.

Download the game here: (76 KB)

Game features:

  • loads of enemies to run over
  • mean blood splattering effects and appropriate graphics
  • ability to deploy mines and use them to protect key positions
  • enemies' ability to use grenades against you (extra element in the gameplay)
  • two scenarios in which you can play the game (CITY and REMULAC)

The goal in Run 'Em Over is to score the highest possible number of kills and enter the highscore table. The game might seem too difficult in the beginning, but give it few tries and change the speed if the game runs too fast for you. You should be able to make scores from 100 to 300 kills. When you reach those high scores, anything is possible.


Author's note (Dec. 2006):
Run 'Em Over is a game I hacked-up in few days after I completed Dark Quest. It suffers from all the flaws that Dark Quest has, in the sense of poor design. The game was relatively well received. I guess the people were rather amused with the blood splattering effects that turned out quite good. Anyway, like with Dark Quest, the game didn't age well for me. I consider it very poorly designed, full of flaws and things that need to be fixed. And I'm not even talking here about improving the graphics, changing the gameplay or adding music/sound effects. So it's definitely an underachieved game, despite its "mini-game" concept. Run 'Em Over features another concept/approach that I wouldn't mind remaking, but definitely with a different game objective, much less difficult.