Relax (Pre-Alpha Demo)

This is a canceled project I started before Star Cage, but very soon gave up on it. Relax is (supposed to be) a mindless bloodlust game, mouse controlled (aim and shoot), where you kill hundreds of people who are trying to reach the other side of the game arena.

I think the game concept is quite promising, and I got surprisingly good feedback on the demo, which is basically unplayable since there is no scoring or a way to win/lose the game. Only endless killing. I must agree, there is something in the demo, it this fact that itís so pointless.

Anyway, Iím not sure if Iíll ever continue on this project. Not that I donít want to. I just have many doubts in the features I want to add, and in my ability to execute them properly (mostly graphics related fears).

Download the demo here: (457 KB)