Poxie ver.1.2

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Poxie is a retro-style arcade game that combines pacman and platform game concept, featuring vertical parallax scrolling, 320*200 resolution, 256 colors graphics and Sound Blaster sound effects and music.

The game concept is based on (borrowed from) a relatively unknown QBasic game called Panic Vicious, made by HUR.

Download the game here: Poxie.zip (2200 KB)
Download the no sound version here: PoxieLite.zip (239 KB)
Download Panic Vicious here: panicv.zip (96 KB)

Additional game features:

  • 6 stages, each with different background graphics
  • 3 worlds (2 stages per world), each featuring its own enemies and foreground graphics
  • 6 types of enemies
  • several layers of animated graphics
  • ability to play the game in stripped graphic mode (no dizzy background and animations)
  • game ending cinematic worth being mentioned


Author's note (Dec. 2006):
This was my first FreeBASIC game, and it was a surprise to me same as it was to others. In Poxie I managed to accomplish some things in graphics department I didn't before, and this made me very hopeful for the future. Sadly, the next projects were rather defeating in this sense, but that's another story. The graphical design of the game I consider a relative success, especially in the combination with the ambient sounds. It's flamboyant, odd, surprising and colorful. The graphics are another thing. I'm disappointed how I failed to draw better "walking" animations and how some sprites in the game were poorly developed, those done in haste and without much polishing. These kind of mistakes are almost unavoidable in short-term projects. The scrolling in the game was also doubtfully designed, which forced me to implement an option where to user can pick to types of scrolling, but that happened in version 1.2 when all the people who meant to play the game already did that. The scrolling problem is a type of 'dirt' I don't like having in my games, how Chris Crawford calls it. Poxie is an improvement on my QBasic games, but I didn't manage quite well to continue with this positive momentum in several next projects.