Pong Worz ver.1.2

Pong Worz is another variation on the classic pong game.

Pong Worz introduces many unique features and different modes of playing the game, rarely seen in other pong games.

Download the game here: pongworz.zip (100 KB)

Game features:

  • several game modes (including classic pong mode)
  • option of playing against computer or human player
  • ability to use weapons
  • different background and opponent paddle for each level in tournament mode
  • option of turning on the wind (effects the movement of the ball)
  • ability to choose different paddles in tournament mode
  • option of playing with two balls
  • powerups which appear if you destroy asteroids or cargo ships
  • paddles move with acceleration and inertia

With Pong Worz I tried to introduce few totally new features that never appeared before in a pong game. Since I didn't play all pong games ever made, I cannot be sure how much Pong Worz is really original.


Author's note (Dec. 2006):
Oh, how I was excited with Pong Worz when I released it. For some reason I thought it was a huge breakthrough in the pong genre. Luckily I realized very soon that my additions in the classic pong gameplay, though interesting, don't result in a rewarding gameplay. Yes, most people complained on the gameplay (read the reviews), but I personally dislike more the clumsy and unpolished design, usual for me in those years. Not to mention the below average graphics. But still, I don't dislike Pong Worz as much as some of my other games.