Mighty Line ver.1.1

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Mighty Line is a simple single-screen shooter where you control a rotating line with a hole in the middle and shoot at the objects swarming toward you, mostly balls but later something else. The game lasts for about 8 minutes, and the goal is to survive and accumulate as many points possible. You get bonus points for destroying a ball you tagged by letting it pass through your hole, or for surviving a phase without being hit. The game features 3 different weapons, powerups, gameplay changes, and brilliant music by Christopher Brown (Zamaster).

This mini-game was created for ciw1973's competition held in the FreeBASIC.net forum from June 27th to August 6th of 2007. The most important competition rule was that no "pre-drawn" graphics (non-code generated) were allowed. This was my entry for the competition.

Download the game here: Mighty_Line.zip (3472 KB)
Download the no sound/music version here: Mighty_Line_NoSound.zip (109 KB)

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