Detective Academy

Detective Academy is a game of observation and memorizing. It features two type of games (tests) in which the player has to have a quick and trained eye and fast memory. These tests are graphically and conceptually designed to emulate an imaginary detective academy study.

Download the game here: (158 KB)

Game features:

  • original and rarely used concept
  • two main types of games (tests)
  • practice and academy mode
  • save game option
  • extra graphics and games in academy mode
  • three difficulty levels
  • high score tables


Author's note (Dec. 2006):
Detective Academy was created for Home of the Underdogs' forum game making competition, at the end of 2003. It was another unplanned and sudden project of a smaller scale. I like how I managed to deliver a clean and coherent graphical design, so almost nothing looks out of place in this game. The graphics are average, but I wasn't aiming for something better. I wanted coherence, and I accomplished that. The concept didn't sit well with most of the people. I wonder how many people actually enjoyed playing Detective Academy. I'm honestly not disappointed with the poor reception of the game, mainly because I'm aware of its small scale (I worked 8 days on it) and because nothing personally annoys me inside it. I honestly enjoyed playing the details memorizing tests, despite the lack of logic in this objective. Sometimes it's really enough to be happy with the game yourself, but I doubt I would feel like this with a more ambitious project. Donít get me wrong, the original concept wasnít exploited on the best way with Detective Academy, but I can always try again with another project on the same theme.