Dark Quest Chapter I : Secret of the North Lands

Dark Quest is top-down action battle game set in a fantasy world. Its gameplay is a mixture of action, strategy and role-playing.

Dark Quest offers two game modes.

In Quest Mode the player controls a hero and a party of 4 men, can use up to 4 spells and battles against numerous enemies through several levels and sceneries. Sheepz Galore is a fun practice mode for relaxing.

Download the game here: darkq.zip (260 KB)

Additional game features:

  • two players simultaneous mode (split-screen)
  • mana gathering and distribution
  • blood splattering effects
  • hidden adventure elements
  • numerous tactics to use
  • illustrated story and ending

If you find the game difficult refer to this help file: DARKTIPS.TXT


Author's note (Dec. 2006):
At the time I released Dark Quest I was quite proud of it, having in mind it was my first proper game. I was also in delusion back them that retro-style freeware games are a rarity, and that because of that Dark Quest will be appreciated. The game didn't age well for me. Even when it was released, I was aware of its annoying hit routines, which made the game rather frustrating to play. The other issue is the poor design, seen in the two frame animation and all the things that make this game look and play clumsy. Dark Quest features some interesting elements, like the split-screen mode and a potential (also very obscure) concept, but nothing of this can hinder my incompetence in the execution of these ideas. Remaking this game properly would require a very skilled pixel-artist in the first step, so this option looks very distant at this point.