Custom Font Printing Routines

These routines allow you to manage and print text with custom made fonts (loaded from BMP images) in FreeBASIC by using simple and user-friendly subroutines. 8-bit as well as 16, 24 and 32-bit color depth modes are supported.

Printing with these routines is almost easy as using the PRINT statement. This package includes 5 already made fonts of a smaller size and 1 extra large. You can create your own fonts too.

Download the packages here:
ver.3 - (compiles in FB 0.23 with -exx): (367 KB)
ver.2 - (use with FB version 0.17b and newer): (368 KB)
ver.1 - (use with FB versions before 0.17b): (335 KB)

notthecheatr created a much more powerful and versatile custom font printing routine that was originally based on mine. You can download it here: (2543 KB)

It supports PNG font images.