Hello. As you can see, I donít update my site that often. Simply, my activity in the realm of game dev has been pushed on the side for quite some time now, and I'm busy, beside real life, with maintaining FBGD, editing my new ezine BASIC Gaming, organizing another FBGD competition, and generally, with community work. My glowline project WAS started, but in my opinion was too often too long under hiatus, so I'm seriously considering to cancel it for good. I will try to complete one of my earlier projects now. That project, on the other hand, is 5 years old so it needs to be brought from PP256's graphics files to 24bit color mode and BMPs, among other things, which is rather tedious and slow work, but still more attractive that my glowling project, and this says a lot. Allow me to quote someone here: In this shit life... we must chuck some things. We must chuck them... in this shit life. There's always looking after.

Beside these non-news, allow me to point you to my Articles section where you can find new and recently updated versions of How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC tutorials.


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Hello. I'm alive and well. I know it has been over two years since the last update, but I did not give up on game design or something like that. Simply, some projects failed, I got sidetracked with others, I moved to the city, changed my life style a bit, etc. Anyway, I'm back with a small update related to my new polyline designer. Check the designer page for more info here. A glowline vector game created with that designer, vdecampo's Polylib and relsoft's wonderful GL2D lib is under serious consideration, and if I enter the right mode, I'll start developing soon. The main concept of the game has already been decided on. There are also some other game dev plans following this project, but let's first get this glowline game under way. Beside that, I do update my FreeBASIC Games Directory website from time to time (well, way more often than this site), so be sure to check that site and its forum if you want to hear from me more often. Until next update, stay cool!

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Barren (ex-LONG) is finally released! After so many years of on and off working on that project, people joining and leaving it, code overhauls and other stuff, it's here. Visit the game page for more info and post your comments in the game's official thread at the FBGD forum.

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No major news. Only two things. I added a review of Star Cage on its page, and opened a page for my screen by screen scrolling engine in development here.

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I'm updating my site with a new game, Invatris, a Super Tetris type of game with the graphics from the original Space Invaders. It was my entry for the latest ciw1973's competition about a month ago. Also, I'm updating my articles page with two new tutorials, one on creating/managing high score tables and one on using FMOD, both FreeBASIC ones.

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I'm updating the articles page with one new tutorial, the sequel to my "Dealing With Angles tutorial". Quite proud on this one. Also, I updated the download link for "How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC - Lesson #1 " tutorial, which is not compatible with FreeBASIC ver.0.18b, and hopefully with many versions to come.

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I'm updating the site with my latest mini-game (a single-screen shooter) - Mighty Line. It was created for a competition in the FreeBASIC.net forum and this is version 1.1., updated with two new music tracks, some gameplay changes and few bug-fixes. Enjoy!

Also, I updated the articles section with one new tutorial, and custom font printing routines with a version that works in FB v.0.17/0.18.

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I'm updating the site with two of my old (and canceled) projects, Relax and Mini Space Rogue. Both of them should provide some mild entertainment. Relax is pretty much pointless, but some people complimented the game despite it being in such early stage of development. Mini Space Rogue was a game I started for a Rogue-like competition some year and half ago, but never found motivation to complete it, although there is a lot to play in this demo. If curious, check out this almost forgotten work of mine.

Ah, yes. In case you missed this, I've been working on FreeBASIC Games Directory lately. Hope you like that too.

As for LONG, I found someone to do the music for the game which is now 99% done. Sound effects are in the works. So yes, it's going somewhere.

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Greetings! This is not a real update. I'm only giving you notice that I'm alive and well (sorta), and that I'm still in the loop (more or less). I wanted to say I didn't give up on game design or put it on hold. I just didn't have an access to the Internet for quite a while, and I was also busy with looking for a job and then with my new employment. Well, I was more annoyed, but you know how it is. New sourrourding, new challenges, new realizations of personal incompetence. It's a lot. I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I got my own Internet connection now, praise the Lord.

The only thing in the character of Lachie I did lately was some messing with the QBasic Games Directory (the latest update might not be online yet). I do hope to find motivation and inspiration to continue working on LONG soon. See you in the community (I hope). :P

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17.02.2007 Welcome to my new website. Due some boring problems it passed more than a year since the last update on my old site, and many things have happened since then. I released several games among other things, but I'm sure most who are visiting this site while it's fresh know about these games through other channels. Also, this very site was sitting on my harddisk for 2 months due my inability to get online sooner and upload it.

Anyway, after Poxie I released Another World Memory FB, Vector X 2006, Star Cage and a demo of a "sliding pieces" puzzle game. You can find the mentioned games on the downloads page which features all my work chronologically listed, even the less known "compo games" The Man Who Had A Boat and Evil Baron Lachie. All the games preceding Poxie and including it feature an author's note from Dec of 2006. My custom font printing utility and the scrolling engine are not forgotten too. A note that the scrolling engine now works in FB ver.0.16b. There's also a new page on LONG (projects section).

What else? All the reviews of my games are now available as plain-text files but one review (long story). And...well, explore the site yourself. I think I managed to compile all my work very well. I cannot predict new updates due various reasons, but one hopes the first news is not the last ones.

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